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Terraweena Loftus 9293

Creating beautiful and practical sheep is the goal of the breeding program at Ruffin Ranch. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are utilized to produce superior genetics within the White Dorper breed. The sheep born and raised on the ranch are the best in the business and have the championships to prove it.

Owner, Taunya Ruffin, utilizes her Animal Science degree from Texas A&M to focus on the strengths and needs of individual ewes when making breeding decisions. Ewes are bred to a specific ram, dependent upon what is needed to strengthen their structural integrity.

In a seminar, a South African sheep breeder said, “to be successful in sheep, you need a ewe that looks like a cheerleader and a ram that looks like a football player. If you lose the femininity of the ewe, she will not produce a good ram.” Those words stuck with Taunya and are still followed on the ranch today.

Ruffin Ranch imports genetics from Australia, South Africa, and Brazil to continue growing their genetic diversity. This genetic diversity has allowed the ranch to build a program with the best quality sheep that can help improve any operation.

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