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Ruffin Ranch was established in 1882 in Brady, Texas, making the sheep ranch almost 150 years old.

The ranch is currently managed by Taunya Ruffin, a sixth generation sheep rancher with an Animal Science degree from Texas A&M. Keith Cornwall, Taunya’s husband, assists on the ranch by specializing in solving mechanical problems that are bound to arise in day-to-day operation. Taunya’s mother grew up on the ranch and still plays a vital role in the operation to this day.

Ruffin Ranch was purchased by Josef Jordan who was looking for premium land for a sheep ranch when he moved to Texas from Virginia in 1882. His son Henry began raising 1,000 ewes on the ranch but had to work extra hard to succeed because he only had one leg. Much of his work was done in a mule or horse-drawn wagon to accommodate. The work ethic he displayed has been passed down through generations.

Work ethic wasn’t the only thing passed down through generations: love for the land and dedication to sheep were foundational for "Lt. Col." L.V. Ruffin "Big Daddy", as he was called. Those passions were passed down to Taunya in the form of lessons that still influence the ranch today.

Those lessons include:
“Check your animals every single day.”
“Success is earned.”
“Loyalty is never wavering.”
“You never stop working when there’s sun out.”
“Your word is your bond.”

Today, Ruffin Ranch takes great pride in the sacrifices made by the generations before us, however we are always looking toward the future. We are excited to utilize modern technology and forward-thinking animal management to build upon the foundation to breed premium White Dorper genetics.


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